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About Me & My Story

"Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations."


Welcome to my blog: "Hot Mess On A Health Quest!" I'm Erica Brooke Gordon, the "hot mess" behind the name. These days I'm actually much less "messy" as I've made major strides towards who I wish to become. However, some messiness still remains in me as I'm a work-in-progress. Aren't we all?

I am not an expert or guru, just someone who has a story to tell. My goal for this blog is to share that story of my personal quest. Shortly after my wedding in August 2018, I made some positive lifestyle changes as I transitioned to married life and began family planning. From putting my self-care first to discovering essential oils, yoga, and acupuncture, I have been on a quest to break old habits, start new ones, and improve both my physical and mental health. 

Throughout this process, I soon learned something else--that the path to motherhood may be a long, winding road, full of twists and turns. 

For a long time, I debated whether I should even share something so personal because once you put something out there, you can't take it back. There was a time in my life where I was an open book, but I reached a point where I decided to be more private. But now I'm inspired to stop being afraid and tell my story. My hope is to express my thoughts and experiences, share what I've learned, connect through shared experiences, and help others. This is my journey through wellness and infertility, my present and past struggles, my grief, my goals, and my personal growth.

I hope you enjoy the ride!

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