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20 Ways to Tell You're a Hot Mess

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

My first few posts were on the more serious side, so here's one to lighten up the mood.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a hot mess as "something or someone that is emphatically a mess: such as a disorganized, disheveled, or self-destructive person."

I'd say this sounds about right. Plus, if I'm calling myself a "hot mess on a health quest" I might as well name some examples of things (that I've done) that could make you, in fact, a hot mess.

So, how do you know if you're a hot mess? Well, you might be a hot mess if:

  1. You have to think "righty-tighty, lefty-loosey" to yourself when determining which way to turn a knob.

  2. You have difficulty opening boxes or closing pizza boxes (I literally just learned the secret to opening and closing boxes with that flap in the front!).

  3. You look at other people's pretty Instagram feeds with palettes of pink or orange, near-perfect images of taking the kids to the pumpkin patch, and then look at the randomness in which you consider your feed to be.

  4. You walk into a room and forget what you needed, or you walk into a room, get distracted, and leave realizing you never got what you came for.

  5. You regularly trip or bump into things.

  6. You put your water bottle on the bed, and it leaks, causing you to take out the blow dryer to clean up the mess (Just me? This was over the weekend).

  7. You put empty cartons or boxes away by accident.

  8. You have a really hard time getting up in the morning or sticking to a routine.

  9. You're usually late, and when friends ask you where you're at, you usually lie and say you're on your way when you haven't yet left the house.

  10. You wash your hair with conditioner and wonder why it's not foaming. Oops!

  11. Your favorite clothes are pajamas or sweats or loungewear (OK, this is everyone during 2020).

  12. You sometimes find that your shirt is on backward.

  13. Coming back from the beach, you shake out your beach towel in the toilet--and the sand gets everywhere.

  14. You've had more parking tickets than you can count.

  15. You get a ticket in the mail for driving through the Easy Pass lane by mistake.

  16. You never can find your sunglasses because they're on your head.

  17. You're always losing track of time.

  18. When no one's around, you're perfectly happy eating cereal for dinner.

  19. You're clueless when it comes to managing your money (Read about how I've overcome this!).

  20. You're always forgetting where you put your phone.

Yes, you might be a hot mess if you can say "yes" to some of these things. However, you might also just be... human.

Let's be kinder to our "hot mess" selves, knowing there's no such thing as perfection and there's always room for progress.

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