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This Year Let’s Give Our Bodies What They Need

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

When the new year comes around, we all have these high hopes for it. From more exercise to eating better, we all have these "resolutions" (or society tells us we should!). Gyms are packed every January... except for this year. But, between technology, mobile connectivity, at-home workout equipment, and easy access to information, we can do it on our own.

I no longer think of my goals for the new year as "resolutions" because we never tend to keep those. Instead, I like to have a vision for the new year and think of one specific word to focus on for the year. Last year I created a vision board for 2020 and kept it where I could see it for regular reminders of my larger vision (I admit I've been slacking in creating one for 2021, though!). Then, a helpful tip is to break down the larger goal or vision into smaller actionable steps we can take because these goals and resolutions can seem so broad and overwhelming; let's take small steps and specific actions to get there. This article from Forbes spells it out for you. If you keep taking small steps, after a year, it will really add up!

I've shared with you parts of my IVF journey so far, and since I'm heading into my third round of IVF, I looked into learning other nutritional and lifestyle practices I can incorporate into my daily life. I figured, it can't hurt; it can only help! I want to make it clear that although starting a family with the help of IVF may be the reason I'm more focused on making healthier choices, these are better choices to make for your own health anyway regardless of whether or not pregnancy is in your future.

I've been reading an amazing book called The IVF Diet by Zita West that looks at IVF and infertility from not just a medical perspective but also a holistic perspective. In addition to including recipes to use for different stages of your cycle, the book explains the why behind the important vitamins and minerals we need to help our bodies function optimally, as well as how our lifestyle affects our bodies because both the body and mind are connected. The author advises making small changes to our nutrition and lifestyle because becoming miserable won't help matters any! It really is all about taking those small steps, which lead to larger changes we see over time.

Knowledge and awareness is the first step to change, followed by action, which is the hard part! In my household, my husband is the one who does most of the grocery shopping (I know, it's unusual, but he is great at it!). However, I had been encouraging him for awhile to choose healthier natural and organic options. His complaint was "that stuff's expensive," and he would keep doing what he was doing. Now that we are fully invested in IVF and I told him what I've been reading, he's finally listening! Because if Cheese-Its and Goldfish are in the pantry (two snacks I love!), I'm going to eat them! But if they're not there, I won't. Last time he went food shopping, he substituted an organic version of Cheese-Its from the natural foods aisle and bought rice cakes. It's a start, at least.

I happen to eat like a kid, so nutrition has always been tough for me. I don't eat a lot of unhealthy things, but I don't eat enough of what is healthy. For example, I've been drinking apple juice regularly since I was a kid. It just never got old for me. Recently, I've decided to replace the juice with the low-sugar version and/or drink water.

Making better choices will not only help how we look but how we feel, and when we feel healthier, we're less likely to make poor choices.

This month, I'm taking part in a 1-week weight management and digestion study with doTERRA. I admit, when I first heard the word "weight," I thought, "Well, I'm not really looking to lose weight at the moment." But this study is not so much focused on losing weight as it is on managing our weight and giving our bodies more of what they need to curb cravings and improve digestion and metabolism. When the systems in our bodies are functioning optimally, we tend to feel better and, as a result, lose weight!

Does this sound good to you, too? If you'd like to join me in this study, contact me here, email me at, or sign up here! You'll receive your samples ASAP, and I'll show you exactly what is involved (and don't worry, it's not incredibly time-consuming; we get it!).

Are nutrition, exercise, and weight management priorities for you in 2021? Let me know in the comments!


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