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9 Things I Learned From Taking A 1-Week Facebook Break

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

My first blog post was a bit heavy, but it needed to be so that I could share where I was in my journey. Since my last post, I can't exactly say my life has been smooth sailing. However, I recently did something for my own self-care: taking a break from Facebook.

I've thought about taking a break from Facebook from time to time, but I never had the courage to do it. I worried that if I deactivated my account that I'd lose everything in my profile forever. Or, the next day I would have a good day and decide, "nah, I'm fine."

Years ago, what made me want to stay away from Facebook were all the engagement and wedding posts. After a tumultuous breakup that ended just prior to an engagement in 2006 (14 years ago now, wow!), that was always a sore subject for me. Then it became all the baby announcements, which never bothered me that much until I realized my own struggles in this area. I try to be as happy for friends as I can; it's obviously nothing personal, and it's neither their fault nor mine. These emotions are just a natural part of being human.

Recently, I would hear my psychiatrist's voice (yes, I have one, and they are awesome!) in my head, telling me to stay off social media or at least limit my use. Finally, I pulled the trigger after an awful week where I just needed space from my own world--and the world around me (2020 election and Coronavirus, hello!).

So, without further ado, here's my list:

9. So much is connected to Facebook.

I couldn't play my favorite word game with my husband because my account was connected to my Facebook account, which was currently disabled.

8. I felt out of the loop.

One night I heard what sounded like fireworks. My husband told me that it was probably the neighbors celebrating the holiday of Diwali. I didn't see the Facebook posts in our neighborhood group, and so I was unaware.

7. A Facebook break is really not that big of a deal.

A Facebook break is not a break from all social media (unless that's the only social media platform you use). It's not a break from social media or your smartphone (unless you decide to take a break from that, too, which would be much more difficult). I could still use Facebook Messenger and Instagram. I could still text and use most of the apps on my phone. For me, a week was just enough. I've heard from people who said they take a few days break every so often for their own mental health.

6. After 7 days, Facebook was exactly where I left it!

Even though I've heard that deactivated your account is temporary, there's still that fear until you've done it. I had no idea that you could set a particular number of days to be away until I tried it, and it was that easy! I took my one-week break around 3pm on Sunday, November 8th, and by that time on Sunday, the 15th, I was able to log back in! That simple.

5. I took two naps and a bath.

Listening to what your body needs is important. I was excited to use this new Adaptiv calming bath oil from doTERRA. Like the "hot mess" I am, I didn't use it correctly! I was supposed to add the oil to the water while it was running, not after. Oops! Oh well, there's always next time. Although the oil stayed at the top, it did smell amazing and my body felt so smooth after.

4. The break pushed me to reach out to friends I had been meaning to reconnect with.

I had a much-needed catch up with a good friend of mine who's been having an equally rough 2020! Instead of just scrolling and reading what she may be up to and posting a comment, I made a much more meaningful connection.

3. My screen time for the week was down.

According to the tracker on my iPhone, my screen time was down 37%. That means I was able to devote that time I would've spent on Facebook to finishing up a project in which I was behind.

2. I'm able to commit to something and follow through.

This one is huge. Even if it's just a one-week break from Facebook, committing to anything and then seeing it through is a huge deal.

1. Though I missed it at times, I realized I could live without it.

I lived without Facebook before I ever knew what it was, and next time my break will be longer than one week.

Have you been thinking about taking a Facebook break? I hope I've inspired you to pull the trigger! If you have already done it before, what did you learn? Maybe you've never even joined Facebook to begin with (gasp!). Let me know in the comments!

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